client questions

What is environmental portraiture and lifestyle photography?

Environmental portraiture is the art of capturing your subject in their usual surroundings — at home, in their favorite park, at the playground — somewhere they feel comfortable and natural. Its more personal than a studio setting and allows the subject to be who they are and let their personality shine through. I love to photograph children this way! By capturing them in their own environment, I am able to interact with them, engage them, ask questions and allow their personality to take center stage. They know their picture is being taken and love to share what they are doing with the photographer. This makes their portrait more emotional and personal, allowing the viewer a quick glance into their life as well as their personality.

Lifestyle photography is the art of documenting your family’s story. This can take place at home or on location. Its laid back and personal, no posing — just you and your family, doing what you love. My camera and I take a backseat and observe — there is less interaction with the photographer, more of a fly-on-the-wall scenario — capturing your memories in a candid fashion and telling your story.

Why do I do both?

To me, environmental portraiture and lifestyle photography go hand-in-hand… it’s really the best of both worlds. You want your story captured, but you also love something a bit more traditional — but not so studio-stuffy. You want those special family moments preserved forever, but also love a classic image of your child’s beautiful smile beaming at you, captured at just the right moment, in their own space. I know how important it is to parents (ahem… moms… I’m talking to you!) to not only document the little moments in their everyday life you may soon forget, but to also capture those smiles and personalities that make your child so special. That’s why I like to get a little of both at your session — and that is what sets my sessions apart from other photographers.