boys will be boys : january

Happy New Year, friends! Let’s kick 2015 off with a brand new Boys Will Be Boys Blog Circle post. This new year means starting fresh… new ideas, new challenges, new obstacles to overcome. My little man will be turning four in one month… FOUR! I can’t believe it. I’m inspired to keep pushing harder to capture his everyday, to make sure I don’t miss any of the little moments. Its getting so much harder now to get him in front of the camera. He’s more interested in doing what he wants, and less interested in letting me follow him around capturing his day. Such is the life of a photographer’s child, I guess!


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boys will be boys : november

The holidays are rapidly approaching and I can’t say we are even close to being ready, as you can see by my very short blog post for this month. October was a complete whirlwind, and apparently Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I must have missed the memo. We should be ready, but we aren’t! If we could just rewind back to August, I would be very appreciative. Although this is a shorter than usual post this month, be sure to check out the rest of our Boys Will Be Boys blog circle this month by visiting Time To Play Photography!












boys will be boys : october

Summer is officially long gone and we are looking forward to everything that fall brings! Halloween is right around the corner and according to my child “Thanksgiving doesn’t count” as a holiday… he would prefer to get down to business and skip straight to Christmas. With the beautiful summer colors gone – and the fall leaves only just starting to turn – I’m going with an all monochrome set this month as we await the multitude of colors that fall supplies.


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boys will be boys : september

We’ve had possibly one of the BEST summers ever here in the Pacific Northwest and no shortage of beach-friendly days. When we moved within walking distance of the beach last year, I never imagined we would be spending as much time there as we do. I never thought he would enjoy the beach as much as he does… digging, running, chasing birds and of course yelling and waving in the ferries, helping them dock (or at least he thinks he’s helping them dock). I’m sad to see summer slowly disappear and know that the rain will be coming shortly. Good thing we are used to the damp, wet, coldness of the coming season – all we have to do is dress a little warmer and we can still have our beach time. For more awesome boyhood images, make sure you head over to Time To Play Photography and continue our Boys Will Be Boys blog circle! And don’t forget to follow and submit YOUR boy images to our new Facebook page and blog!



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boys will be boys : july

Its July! You know what that means… another installment of our Boys Will Be Boys blog circle! A mixture of black and white and color this month… Such a hard time deciding what to pick with all the incredible light that’s been going on. Its been winter for so long, I almost forget what its like shooting with endless amounts of beautiful sunlight! Make sure you scroll to the bottom to get to the next member of our blog circle with more fantastic summer images…



Hop over to Time To Play Photography for another set of gorgeous Boys Will Be Boys images for July! Happy Summer, Friends!

boys will be boys : june

I decided I needed to start a new blog circle focusing on the everyday boy… the good, the bad, the wild and the dirty! We are posting on the first of each month, and we have an outstanding talent pool for your eyes to enjoy. Take a look, leave a comment and be sure to follow the circle by clicking on the next link. So much eye candy this month! If you have a son, I’m sure you can relate. If you don’t… well come along for the ride anyway! I guarantee you’ll smile. Make sure you continue the Boys Will Be Boys circle by clicking on the link at the bottom from Candice Victoria Photography!

A quiet moment. It doesn’t last long. Just long enough to explore the world around him. A new friend:


A boy and his favorite toy. Who knew when I went to see Toy Story so long ago I would have a little man obsessed with Buzz Lightyear? Toy Story love:


“Mama! Take a picture of me with my friends!”


We color. A LOT. But it makes him happy. I am thankful he loves art as much as I do.


“Let me cook you dinner Mama!” …with his In & Out hat all the way from San Francisco.


I guess I have to get used to the nose picking. Even with dirty fingernails. Hopefully he doesn’t start wiping snots on the walls.


Really, kid? I saw E.T. Like 20 times. Nothing new here.


I don’t care if he jumps on the bed. I’d rather have him do this than wipe his snots on the wall. Oh how I love that belly button!


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