boys will be boys : june

I decided I needed to start a new blog circle focusing on the everyday boy… the good, the bad, the wild and the dirty! We are posting on the first of each month, and we have an outstanding talent pool for your eyes to enjoy. Take a look, leave a comment and be sure to follow the circle by clicking on the next link. So much eye candy this month! If you have a son, I’m sure you can relate. If you don’t… well come along for the ride anyway! I guarantee you’ll smile. Make sure you continue the Boys Will Be Boys circle by clicking on the link at the bottom from Candice Victoria Photography!

A quiet moment. It doesn’t last long. Just long enough to explore the world around him. A new friend:


A boy and his favorite toy. Who knew when I went to see Toy Story so long ago I would have a little man obsessed with Buzz Lightyear? Toy Story love:


“Mama! Take a picture of me with my friends!”


We color. A LOT. But it makes him happy. I am thankful he loves art as much as I do.


“Let me cook you dinner Mama!” …with his In & Out hat all the way from San Francisco.


I guess I have to get used to the nose picking. Even with dirty fingernails. Hopefully he doesn’t start wiping snots on the walls.


Really, kid? I saw E.T. Like 20 times. Nothing new here.


I don’t care if he jumps on the bed. I’d rather have him do this than wipe his snots on the wall. Oh how I love that belly button!


WAIT! Don’t go anywhere without clicking on the next link in our circle… Candice Morneau of Candice Victory Photography is next up with another set of beautiful boy images for you to enjoy. Make sure you go to her page and continue the circle:

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